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©  Gabriela Fullon 2017

I am a photographer attempting to evoke feelings of memory and meaning by capturing how we live in and create our worlds as expressed in and through quotidian moments, spaces and objects. I'm drawn to naturally, oddly occurring juxtapositions and to patterns, textures, and stories found in randomness. I am a witness bearer to people, places and things of the seemingly mundane and profound. 


I am a designer that uses graphic language to create aesthetic solutions, simplify complex concepts, and spark imagination and action. 

I am a traveller continually examining ideas about place and home through my experience as someone living on settled lands and journeying, most frequently in the African Diaspora.


I believe we need bread and roses, art and sustenance, and see endless, mind blowing, spirit moving examples of this in communities under-sung and underrepresented. Art is a most definitely a release and recokoner.

susan elise wilcox


A short story: "Twiga" means giraffe in Swahili.  Walking around Karatina, Kenya one afternoon someone called out "twiga" as I passed by. I was told it meant but wasn't sure how to take the comment until weeks later when I saw a jenny of giraffes in the savanna. Truly, there is nothing like seeing wild animals roam free. I remember thinking how graphic their coats are, how soulful their eyes, how chill their gait. And what a perspective they have being tall with a keen sense of vision (as I later learned). I decided to take "twiga" as a compliment, and many years later, to name my studio Twiga Works.

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