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©  Gabriela Fullon 2017

I am a photographer attempting to evoke memory and meaning by capturing how people live in and create their/our world as expressed in the mundane moments, spaces and objects of everyday life. I am also intrigued by naturally occurring juxtapositions, pattern and texture. 


I am a designer offering aesthetic solutions to representing identity (individual, group, organization), presenting information, and conveying complex concepts simply. I believe design/art should enhance our lives (we need bread and roses), but not clutter them (my products are utilitarian and mostly recyclable). 


I am a traveler and geographically fluid. So it is that one of my journeys inspired the name of my studio. "Twiga" means giraffe in Swahili. Walking around Karatina, Kenya one day I heard someone call out "twiga" as I passed by and realized they were referring to me. I wasn't sure what to make of their comment until a few weeks later when I saw a jenny of giraffes pace gracefully through the savanna. Lean, fast, having a natural graphic for a coat, soulful eyes, and a tall stature that gives them a unique vantage point, I decided to take twiga as a compliment, the giraffe as a sort of animal totem, and to name my studio Twiga Works.


susan elise wilcox

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